9.00-09.30.Qigong and Taichi. Yang shortform. Good session.

10.00. LBRP. Vizualisation is increasingly better on the pentagrams and the archangels. New understanding of the entities since before. Now they represent both the elements and the sephira on each side of me standing in the intersection og samekh and pe. Interesting implications, though I do not know if they are “correct”, i will continue to do so. Preping for pathworking to Tau later today. Also considering doing pathworkings on the tree of life and the qlipoth side by side, in two separate workings each day, visiting the corresponding path or sephira on the qlipoth, to compare.

13.30. Pulled two cards from Taro deck. 9 of cups (joy) and 9 of swords (horror). Both are nines, and therefore represents an aspect of yesod. Later today I will be exploring the path from Malkuth to Yesod.

15.00. Skrying on Malkuth.

10 side hall, colors of earth.  Adonai-ha-aretz РSandalphon РAshim. Show earthsigil to guardian.
Metatron arrives. Call upon 4 guardians of elements as in LBRP. They showed me the essence of the elements and imprintet upon me elemental qualities. Rather good skrying.

21.00. Tau pathworking.
Starting from Malkuth, enterin Tau. Meeting goddess Ishtar and following her to the underworld, where Ereshkigal kills her. Ishtar returns from the dead after trading Tammuz.
Sigil og saturn and earth.
Very rapid images. Fast session. Perhaps 10 minutes total.
Ishtar charging sigil was powerfull. Other than that not feeling much. Supposed to be a bit scary.
Try again tomorrow.